Fuel shortage could halt Gaza food distribution: UN – Yahoo!

The ongoing collective punishment of Palestinians living in Gaza. If these kinds of human rights violations were occurring in the United States we would be rioting in the streets. We would never tolerate such appalling conditions for our citizens. Look at the outcry after hurricane Katrina. We were gathering donations and having concerts and telethons to help ease the suffering of the people affected by the disaster. What about the citizens of Gaza, and all of the other citizens of other nations who must live in such poverty and degradation? Where is the outcry? I think the least we can do for the people whose human rights are being violated on a daily basis is to educate ourselves about their situations. We should take the time to learn about and share the knowledge that we have gained with others. Talk with our friends and family, write letters to the proper authorities, and spread the word all over the internet. Even if we are only able to change what is in our hearts for these people it is progress. Peace.

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~ by peaceseeker99 on April 24, 2008.

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