Democracy Now! | Ousted NYC Arabic School Principal Speaks Out

Debbie Almontaser was forced to step down in August 2007 as the founding principal of the Khalil Gibran School, New York City’s first public school dedicated to the study of Arabic language and culture. Her resignation followed a right wing campaign that painted her as an educator with a militant Islamic agenda.

It is absolutely ridiculous that the Khalil Gibran school’s founding principal was forced to retire from her post! There is no feasible reason why Debbie Almontaser needed to step down. This is just more racist, Islamiphobic rhetoric, and Daniel Pipes is a known bigot. We should be educating ourselves about Islam, Muslims, Arabs, and their culture, and stop relying on the falsehoods spewing from the mouths of these right-wing, racists who have to rely on the politics of fear. I strongly encourage readers to lean the truth about Islam, Arabs, and Muslims on their own. Only then can we come to our own conclusions. Peace.

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~ by peaceseeker99 on April 29, 2008.

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