Blogging for Human Rights and Blogging for Palestine

In honor of the Bloggers Unite for Human Rights event tomorrow, May 15, 2008, and in honor of the 60th anniversary of Israel’s birth, I am blogging for the people of Palestine. The plight of the Palestinian people is an issue that more often than not gets glossed over and overlooked in the regular US corporate media. It isn’t surprising though, because as most people know, there are many powerful, well-organized pro-Israel groups here in the United States. The people of Palestine are suffering and have suffered under Israeli occupation for more than sixty years. I pray for all of the people of Palestine and Israel who desperately long for a true and lasting peace, that they do not have to wait another sixty years to achieve it. You can read my post Israel at Sixty: Six Decades of Oppression and Destruction for Palestinians. This issue is too important to overlook any longer. Peace 🙂


~ by peaceseeker99 on May 15, 2008.

One Response to “Blogging for Human Rights and Blogging for Palestine”

  1. Great post, highlighting a very important and mostly ignored issue. Thanks for sharing.

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