Democracy Now! | FCC Urged to Probe Pentagon Propaganda Program

Lawmakers are urging the Federal Communications Commission to investigate the Pentagon’s propaganda program to determine if the major TV networks or the Pentagon-backed analysts violated federal law. We speak to FCC Commissioner Michael Copps.

We must keep an eye on the media, and we must educate ourselves about the issue of media reform in this country. Michael Copps, FCC Commissioner, is right on target when he says that we cannot have democracy unless we have more in the way of media democracy. The information that we receive from the regular corporate media is a joke. It is consistently being watered down and funneled through our government run propaganda machine. There are no more tough questions being asked of our elected leaders and officials, unless you consider the questions of bowling scores and flag pins “tough questions”. We cannot make informed decisions as citizens of the United States if we cannot get decent, unbiased information from our media. We must take back our media, and take back our democracy! Peace 🙂

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~ by peaceseeker99 on June 7, 2008.

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