Democracy Now! | Bill Moyers Takes on Fox News Producer Sent by Bill O’Reilly to Media Reform Conference

Before the National Conference for Media Reform began, Bill O’Reilly of Fox News attacked it on the air as a gathering of “crazy” people. O’Reilly also sent a producer to confront Moyers in what became an animated confrontation.

I thought the exchange between Bill Moyers and O’Reilly’s producer was wonderful. O’Reilly’s producer never did give an answer to the question posed to him by Bill Moyers. It was just more of that wonderful tap-dancing around the issue that the people over at FOX News are so darn good at. (It must be a job requirement.) God bless Bill Moyers and all of the other people out there in the world like him. All of the people who aren’t afraid to ask real questions, and who will not stop until their questions have been answered and their voices have been heard. God bless all of those people who are actively seeking the truth and who are doing their part to spread it. Peace 🙂

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~ by peaceseeker99 on June 10, 2008.

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