Haditha Massacre Victims’ Kin Outraged as U.S. Marines Go Free

A U.S. military judge last week dismissed charges against another Marine connected to the massacre of twenty-four unarmed Iraqi civilians in the town of Haditha. Of the eight Marines originally charged in the case, only one still faces prosecution. Criminal charges have been dismissed against six of the Marines and a seventh Marine was acquitted.

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It is appalling to me that the marines responsible for these atrocities and war crimes are not being punished for their transgressions. How many people must die before justice is served? Are the lives of the dead men, women, and children worth nothing because they are Iraqis? It’s no wonder Americans are being targeted in Iraq, the Iraqis are angry and have had more than enough of this unjust war of occupation. Do our elected leaders have no consciences, no souls? How can they sleep at night when they are responsible for the deaths of innocent Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakistanis, and for the deaths of young American troops? They have turned our world upside down, and for what? So that we can have $5.00 a gallon gas? So the American troops returning from their third, fourth, fifth deployments can come back to a lifetime of fighting for disability and veterans benefits because of physical/mental injuries sustained during their tours? So that Muslims and non-Muslims can live with a distrust of one another? So that children can grow up without their mothers, their fathers, their brothers and sisters? So that the children in Iraq and Afghanistan can know nothing but terror, violence, and death?

I am sick of hearing our elected (or not) leaders telling the American public that they know what’s best for us. That we must stay the course, etc. That’s a bunch of bull****. We need to get out now, we need to bring our troops home, and we need to pay reparations to the victims of this unjust war of occupation. We need to stop pandering to the corporations, and we need to take our democracy back! A government for the people, by the people–not a government for big business, by big business. Peace 🙂


~ by peaceseeker99 on June 27, 2008.

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