Israeli Siege on Gaza

It’s been quite some time since I last posted to my blog.  Life I guess sometimes gets in the way, and at times I need to take a break from all of the negative news going on in the world.  I have to distance myself from the despair because I tend to internalize it, and it makes me physically sick.  I say that, and then I feel like such a jerk.  I mean, when events happen in the world like the events that are currently taking place in the Gaza Strip and other corners of the globe, how can I possibly sit idly by and keep silent?  I can certainly speak out and spread awareness on the issues that mean the most to me, and bringing an awareness to the suffering of the people of Palestine is one of the causes that is closest to my heart.  With that said,  I wholeheartedly urge other people of conscience to educate themselves on the current crisis in Gaza and the plight of the people of Palestine in general, and take a little time to spread an awareness of the situation to others.  The question of Palestine and what will happen to Palestinians is a question that we must all ask ourselves.  This is a region that has a profound significance for three of the world’s major religions, Islam, Judiasm, and Christianity.  And for America, the question of Palestine will play a major role in how the Middle East and Muslims around the globe view us.  If we do not adopt a Middle East policy that is fair and equitable to all involved, our current one-sided Mid-East Policy will only serve to create  more anti-American sentiments throughout the Middle East and the rest of the Musim world.  I urge all readers of this post to contact their elected officials regarding this current crisis in Gaza, and if nothing else, pray for them.  Peace.  🙂

You can contact your elected officials below:

United States Senate

United States Congress

President Elect Obama

President Bush

Vice President Cheney

Below you’ll find a copy of my letter that I have sent to Bush/Cheney/Obama/Congressman/Senators.  Peace.  🙂

Dear [elected official],

The recent siege on the people of Gaza at the hands of the State of Israel is a grave atrocity.  Israel’s disproportionate use of force on a population that is already suffering because of their illegal and immoral collective punishment is a crime.  What is even more upsetting to me, as an American citizen, is the fact that our government is turning a blind eye as Israel continues its policy of indiscriminate killing and oppression of the Palestinian people.  How can we ever begin to repair our reputation in the eyes of Muslims and the inhabitants of the Middle East if America continues to stand idly by while Israel boldly thumbs its nose at international and humanitarian law?  The rest of the world, including some of America’s most trusted allies, have raised their voices in unison to condemn  Israel’s massacre of the residents of the Gaza Strip.  America must adopt a Middle East policy that is fair and equitable to all peoples of the region, not just Israel.

As your constituent, I urge you to speak out now in favor of bringing an end to this unjust attack on the people of Gaza, as well as the tremendous humanitarian crisis that has been the result of Israel‘s unfair policies towards the Palestinian people.  America must repudiate Israel’s disproportionate and excessive use of force against Palestinians not only because it is the right and moral thing to do, but because if we do not seek to change our one-sided Mid-East policy we will only create more anti-American sentiment in the region.  Thank you.


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