Democracy Now! | Palestinian Astrophysicist in US Recounts His 11-Year-Old Son Died When Israeli Warplanes Bombed His Family’s House


As the Palestinian death toll in Israel’s assault on Gaza climbs above 1,100, we take a look behind the statistics. Suleiman Baraka is a Palestinian astrophysicist working at Virgnia Tech with NASA. His eleven-year-old son Ibrahim was killed in an Israeli air strike on his house. His wife and three other children are now homeless in Gaza, along with seventeen members of his family. In his first broadcast interview in the US, Suleiman Baraka tells his story. We also speak with Suleiman’s brother, Sayed, who arrived at the house seconds after it was bombed.

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YOU MUST READ/LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW! This is only one of  thousands of stories like this. Regardless of pro-Israel, pro-Hamas positions on this issue, or for that matter no position at all, how can a person’s heart not break after listing to the account of Mr. Baraka and his brother?  As an American citizen, I am deeply ashamed at my government’s shameless support for Israeli occupation and aggression on the people of Palestine.  A growing number  of American citizens  do not want their tax dollars being used to fund Israel’s ongoing occupation of Palestine, nor do they want  American weapons being used to kill and maim Palestinian cilvilians.  America must end its dysfunctional relationship with the State of Israel, and let their leaders know that their actions with regard to the people of Palestine are totally and completely unacceptable.  How can the United States ever begin to repair it’s image in the Middle East if it always, without fail, continues to give the green light for Israel to commit it’s deplorable  assault on an entire population?   The government of the United States likes to talk about bringing peace and democracy to the Middle East, but always declaring it’s full and undying support for Israel sends the people of the Middle East a completely different message.   There is an astounding number of  people around the globe opposed to the ongoing violence in the Gaza Strip, but the problem is their leaders are ignoring them.   Peace in the Middle East can never be achieved until the issue of Palestine is resolved.  Israel’s Occupation must end if a true and lasting peace is to come to fruition.   A soltuion must be reached that is fair and balanced for both sides.  NO MORE AMERICAN SUPPORT FOR ISRAELI OCCUPATION AND AGGRESSION!  END THIS SEIGE ON GAZA, AND END THE OCCUPATION OF PALESTINE!  Peace.  🙂


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