“I Scream with My Young Son…”: A Letter from A Palestinian Mother in Gaza

I read this letter on another website and thought that I would share it.  It gives a tiny glimpse into what life is like for the residents of the Gaza Strip.  I cannot imagine having to endure the constant hell of an unjust war and occupation.  How can one possibly keep their sanity when at any moment tragedy can strike?  How can the children of Gaza think of a bright future when all they know are American made weapons dropped on and pointed at them by Israeli soldiers?  I recently listened to an interview with a Palestinian scientist living and working in the U.S., whose children were killed in this latest round of violence.  His story has to be one of the saddest that I have ever heard.  It wasn’t  the way in which his children perished, although they did die in a terribly tragic way, but what really broke my heart was hearing this man mention that his son was so happy because he had just received a new bicycle.  Only a few short days passed  between  this sweet eleven-year-old boy receiving his new bike, and the day in which he was killed by an Israeli air strike.  What kind of a world do we live in when there is such a blatant disregard for human life, for the lives of innocent children that love to ride their bicycles and look up at the stars?  These terrible tragedies need to be heard.  If we ignore  the cries of the oppressed then the endless cycle of violence continues.  History, I believe, is a gift.  We must learn our history, our past and our present, so that we can  stop these deplorable events from occurring again and again.  Every human soul, if they are able to, has a responsibility to stand up and speak out against injustice.  If we do not give a voice to those who have none, then who will?  Peace.  🙂

Asaalam Alaykum,

My dear sisters and brothers I wanted to take this opportunity to send you a message from the sisters in Gaza. Please hear about our situation, and convey it to everyone who you know and do not know.

Our situation is dire but our eman is strong alhamdulillah, even though we have no water to speak of. When we do [have water] it is polluted, and we have no money to buy mineral water. When we obtain money, then those that sell it [the water] tell us that it is too dangerous for them to travel out to get new supplies. We have no gas, and have not had for the last four months. We cook the little food we have on real [wood] fires that we have learned to light.

Our men have lost all their jobs. They spend their days at home now. My husband can end up spending a day just going from place to place in search of the bare necessities, like water. He usually returns empty handed. There are no schools and no banks; hardly any hospitals are open. You are constantly aware that you risk your life when you go out and when you are indoors. We are under a curfew [imposed by the Israeli army-IDF] between 1-4pm. We can go out, they [IDF] say, in safety to get our supplies, but that is a lie. They have often used that opportunity to add moreshuhada [martyrs] to their list.

We eat rice one day and bread one day. Meat and milk are luxuries. They are using chemical warfare upon the areas close to the borders.

All this and we are being told that people demonstrate all over the world. Masha Allah. The fact that you go to the embassies, leaving your homes, makes us truly feel that we are not alone in our struggle.

But you go home at night and lock your door. We cannot do that. I have to leave my home on the second floor every night and stay with my sister on the ground floor. Should there be an attack, it’s quicker to leave from the ground floor.

Yes we are tired. When we hear rockets and bombs and see planes that fly too close to our building, I scream with my young son, while my husband feels helpless.

In all this there is no one but Allah (swt) that can save us. But the ummah is asking, “where are the armies?”, “where is the victory?”

Don’t forget us because you are all that we have now. Your kind sadaqaat are not reaching us, and when they open the borders, it only reaches a few. Keep up the work of Allah and pray that the victory will come soon insha Allah.

Your sister Umm Taqi


~ by peaceseeker99 on January 19, 2009.

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