Our New President, Barak Obama


What an historic day!  I have to say that although I did not vote for President Obama ( I cast my vote for Nader), I still cannot help but get emotional when I see this country’s first African American President.  I’m only 32-years-old, but honestly, I never thought I would would see this day come so soon.  What really makes me feel overcome with emotion, however, is seeing the reaction of my fellow Americans, and the reactions of others around the globe.  There is such an overwhelming spirit of hope, as well as relief, and a strong belief that things may finally begin to change for the better.  Our new President and his administration really have a very difficult task ahead of them.  I cannot imagine the weight that is on President Obama’s shoulders now, but I do believe that he sincerely wants to do right by the people.   I pray that  President Obama’s actions can live up to the expectations of the American people, as well as the expectations of the people around the world who are now looking to him to bring them out of the dark despair that our last President put them into.  Peace.  🙂

~ by peaceseeker99 on January 21, 2009.

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