Israel’s Latest War on Gaza: Leading Israeli Perspectives from Tikkun Magazine

I’ve recently read a group of articles about Israel’s latest war with Gaza, posted on the Tikkun Magazine website.  These artciles, written by Israeli’s, give an insight into what the Jewish perspective is on this most recent conflict.  Most of the articles are written from the Israeli peace perspective, but  there is one article that is from a right-wing Jewish analyst.  There has been an overwhelming amount of news and analysis on this topic over the past few weeks, and rightly so.  This battle between the State of Israel, and the Palestinians residing in the West Bank and Gaza Strip has gone unresolved for more than sixty years.  The question of Palestine is a question that is not easliy answered.  The world has witnessed these past few weeks Israel’s unbridled brutality against the residents of the  Gaza Strip, although Israel made every effort to stop any reports from getting out.  With technology being what it is today, that was an impossible, and fruitless attempt.  I believe this has been a wake-up call for the rest of the world.  People have seen some of the reality that exists for the Palestinians, and they have been shocked by it.  Voices of dissent  arose around the globe, letting the leaders of the world know that we will not stand by silently while an entire population  gets slaughtered.  Peace.  🙂


~ by peaceseeker99 on January 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Israel’s Latest War on Gaza: Leading Israeli Perspectives from Tikkun Magazine”

  1. Israel is not at war with Gaza. The United States is not at war with Al Quaeda.

    Gaza is at war with Israel. Hezbollah is at war with Israel. Al Quaeda is at war with the United States.

    Only Al Quaeda and Hezbollah and Hamas can end this war. This is because they are the aggressors.

  2. I totally believe in your right to free speech, that’s why I’m not deleting your post. As I’ve said before, the light of Truth cannot be extinguished. To argue with you about who’s at war with whom would be a waste of time. There is plenty of evidence that points to Israel’s savage brutality and apartheid practices when it comes to the Palestinians, not to mention their total disregard for international and humanitarian law. The rest of the world has had their eyes opened these past few weeks, and have been shocked by the truth that is the State of Israel. Peace. 🙂

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